Celebrating 250 Years of Moravian History
  • Bethania Moravian Church 1807

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    Bethania Moravian Church 1807

    The town of Bethania represents 260 years of faith and community being brought together to pave the way for the rise of the Moravian Church throughout the USA. History will forever remember the impact that this small town had on the rest of the nation, and now you can too!

    In the mid-1700's, missionaries from the nation of Moravia migrated to the United States to form Protestant settlements across the country. Under the direction of Dr. Augustus Spangenberg, the newest Moravian settlement of Bethania expanded into a full-fledged town, complete with a fire department, a militia and an academy. Before that, the first major undertaking of the settlement was constructing Bethania Moravian Church in 1809. After standing for over two centuries and even surviving a large fire in 1942, Bethania Moravian Church has thrived and continues to serve as a symbol of faith-based determination. 

    Each crystal weighs approximately one pound and eight ounces, and measures 2.5” x 2.5” x 3.25” inches.  Beveled edges around the Moravian "Bonnet" or "eyebrow" arch seen at the entrances to Moravian churches and homes add to the Moravian theme of this exquisite collection.

    The detailed imaging includes pews, the pulpit, and on the back wall is the inscription from the original church building..."Immanuel  God With Us..."

    Packaged in a quality custom padded gift box with the image embossed on the cover.