Celebrating 250 Years of Moravian History

Moravian Crystal Co. was founded to provide wonderful gifts that celebrate Moravian history, heritage, culture and tradition. All products are designed in Winston-Salem. 

Moravian Crystal Company Inc.  

Two Hundred and Fifty years ago, a simple way of life was brought into this region by a band of believers and established the Moravian history, tradition and culture we celebrate today.

 Moravian Crystal Company is pleased to present a collection of elegant renderings, highly detailed and produced in 3D laser engraved imaging into optical grade crystal. This unique collection incorporates the Moravian "Bonnet" or "eyebrow" arch seen at the entrances to Moravian churches and homes.                  

Each crystal weighs approximately one pound and measures 2” x 2” x 3.25” and are presented in a quality gift box. The first three items in this collection are:

Love Feast  A beautiful representation of the age old tradition, the Moravian Love Feast. Captured in crystal, the level of detail includes the lighted candle, the wisps of steam rising from the coffee, the "M" on the Moravian Bun, and the fold in the napkin. (the M is an upside down W as in Winkler Bakery)


Moravian Star  The multi-pointed Moravian Star dating back to the 1830’s is captured in detail. More than just a beautiful decoration at Christmas, the Moravian Star is a constant reminder of God's gift to the world.


1788 Gemeinhaus at Bethabara  The first Moravian church built in this area is presented in miniaturized detail beneath the floating Moravian Star.