Moravian Crystal Company Inc.

Two Hundred and Fifty years ago, a simple way of life was brought into this region by a band of believers and established the Moravian history, tradition and culture we celebrate today. 

The founding of Moravian Crystal Company was inspired by a tableau of the beloved Moravian Lovefeast service created with love and care by the late  Pastor Don Winters. His kindness and passion for the ministry was shared across many disciplines;...this is the one we will always remember...Moravian Crystal Company, Inc. is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The creative content and the 3D modeling are designed locally and are inspired by simple images of the day to day life of the Moravian way.

The idea of modeling local collectibles in 3D Crystal images evolved over many years. Trial and error, experimenting with different modeling techniques and the talent of B Tunde Adeyemi, were combined in creating the three piece 250th Anniversary Collection. The Love feast, the Moravian Star and the 1788 Bethabara Church are all designed with the unique Moravian "Bonnet" or eyebrow" arch, seen at the entrances to Moravian churches and homes. Other pieces in the collection will be released from time to time.